> Getting to Uzi

Getting to Uzi

Uzi is located in the South of Zanzibar. From the road connecting Zanzibar Town with the south-east coast, you have to turn right towards Unguja Ukuu. From Unguja Ukuu, Uzi can be reached by 4-WD drive vehicle only during low tide via a 2 km coral rock road through the mangroves. During high tide, Uzi can only be reached by boat. As during your visit to Uzi the tides situation will change, you have to make good time planning and think where to leave your car and choose a boat. 

For your visit to Uzi, the best is to book a half-day or full day trip to Uzi from Zenith Tours. They will make the necessary arrangements depending on the tides situation, adapting the itinerary to make best use of your time and enjoy Uzi at the fullest. Make your reservation here!

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